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Day 9 - What are your favorite zones? (Classic, BC, WotLK & Cata)

My favorite zones are generally the forest or jungle type ones.

Classic: UnGoro Crater
Burning Crusade: Nagrand
Wrath: Sholazar Basin
Cataclysm: Mount Hyjal
Mists of Pandaria: Krasarang Wilds

Day 8 - Favorite guild name(s) you’ve come across?

Hmmm. I can’t really think of any cool ones off the top of my head but I like the name of my guild so I’ll use that.

<Fortune Favors The Brave>

Day 7 - Least favorite dungeon and why?

My least favorite dungeon is easily Stormstout Brewery. There’s nothing cool about it. The bosses are lame. It looks lame. The mobs are lame. It is lame.

Day 6 - Favorite dungeon and why?

My favorite dungeon is probably Scarlet Monastery (original). It’s just so nostalgic and legendary, all the bosses are cool and it was such a staple when you were leveling.

Day 5 - Who do you play with?

I play WoW with my two brothers and other friends whom I’ve been friends with since childhood. It’s always been a video game/activity that we’ve all loved to experience together. I spend most of the time playing alone or with random other players but when I do play with people I know it’s either my brothers or lifelong buddies.

Day 4 - Meaning/Significance behind your character’s name?

My characters names are all from characters in stories I have written. That being said, they’re very significant to me.

Day 3 - Favorite race and why?

My favorite race is Blood Elf. I like Blood Elves because they look cool, they can be cool classes, and it’s the race that I’m most like in real life.

Day 2 - Favorite class and why?

My favorite class is Paladin. I like Paladin for multiple reasons: Paladin is the class I’m most like in real life, they can do all the different roles, and they wear plate and have cool weapon types so they can look super awesome.