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There are very few things I’d enjoy more than smashing your face in with a hammer while your family watched.

I’m so fucking sick and tired of hearing about the “friendzone”. Guess what? No one is required to like or date you. No one is required to give you friendship. No one is even required to be nice to you. Hell, half of you are so fucking ugly inside and out that you don’t even deserve to be looked at. If someone wants to be your friend, that’s their prerogative, so shut the fuck up and be thankful that their generous enough to even tolerate your presence.

I hate all of you.

I love hatred.

Iggy Azalea is a worthless piece of shit.

You’re ugly, inside and out.

I’m so glad you’re not doing fine, and I’m so glad you can’t sleep at night, and just in case you didn’t realize, I can’t wait ‘til the day you fuckin’ die.

I’ve lived in darkness a long time.

The celebrities you’re in love with are worthless and so are you.

All I want is my hands around your neck, so I can make sure that you can never lie again.